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Flavours include Chocolate Toffee, Caramel, Notti, Nougat Krisp and Cocos to Japp, Golden Toffee, Daim, Liquorice and Marzipan. So, there you have it, the best way to get your hands on some of those delicious Swedish Marabou chocolates in the UK is to head over to the Candymail website and order online. ← Older post Newer post →.

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Introduced: 1916. Marabou is one of Sweden's most beloved brands since it was launched in 1916. One of our largest regional chocolate brands, Marabou takes its name from the Marabou stork, which was the trademark for its sister company, Freia.

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Bulk. Since 1916, Marabou has graced the world with its exquisite Swedish chocolates. Crafted with the finest Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa beans and a touch of Scandinavian magic, each velvety piece offers a symphony of flavors. From classic milk chocolate to tantalizing fusions like "Daim" and "Oreo", Marabou delights taste buds globally.

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Marabou this is Sweden's most beloved chocolate brand. It all started in the 19th century when Johan Throne Holst founded the company. 1916 the brand Marabou was born. In the year 1957, the recipe was created, which still stands for the unique taste of Marabou chocolate. Manufacturer: Mondelez Sverige AB (Sweden)


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Nutritional Information (by manufacturer): energy 2214 kj (530 kcal), fat 31 g, saturated fatty acids 17 g, carbohydrates 58 g, sugar 55 g, protein 4,1 g, salt 0,26 g. Net Weight: 500 g (17,63 oz) Best Before: in stock only fresh products. EAN code: 7310510002566. For more information, please visit manufacturer's website.

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Marabou's M Peanut is very similar in taste and appearance to Peanut M&M's: Both are chocolate-covered peanuts with lowercase m 's on their packaging. They're so similar that one might.

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Swedish Quality: Marabou Chocolate is a beloved brand in Sweden, known for its creamy, delicious taste. Each bar is a testament to decades of chocolate-making expertise. Sustainable and Responsible: All Marabou Chocolates are Rainforest Alliance Certified, ensuring that the cocoa used is sourced from sustainable farming practices.

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Marabou Chocolate Bar Caramello 160g ( 5.65 oz ) Made in Sweden $5.99 $4.99 On Sale On Sale Marabou Dark Chocolate Bar 180g ( 6.35 oz ) Made in Sweden $5.99 $4.99 On Sale On Sale Marabou White Chocolate Bar 185 g ( 6.50 oz ) Made in Sweden $5.99 $4.99 On Sale On Sale Marabou Japp Peanut Caramel Chocolate Bar 276 g ( 9.73 oz ) Made in Sweden.

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the Marabou Milk Chocolate Bar is an incredibly smooth, creamy and, delicious Swedish chocolate bar that has been loved by all Swedes for over well 100 years! It's a reminder of all the good times shared with loved ones. With a conscience for sustainability and a taste that transports your taste buds to pure bliss, these chocolate bars offer the perfect treat for you and the planet.

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Marabou Milk Chocolate (sv. Marabou Mjökchoklad) is a bar of smooth milk chocolate. With a minimum of 30% cocoa, this chocolate is sweet but mild. The dairy flavours shine forth, with some caramel undertones throughout; the fusion of which creates a creamy taste sensation. It is a firm bar that snaps nicely and the chocolate looks glossy and inviting. The individual pieces are satisfyingly.

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SPECIAL OFFER - BUY 10 & GET 25% OFF! Marabou Apelsinkrokant is a milk chocolate with orange crisp. Marabou is Sweden's best loved chocolate maker and their chocolate is loved by Swedes everywhere. This version combines the smooth milk chocolate with orange crisp - a deliciously more-ish version. A must try. Manufacturer: Mondelez Sverige.

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Marabou chocolate is a beloved Swedish brand that has been producing high-quality chocolate bars for over a century. Chocolate is a popular treat enjoyed by

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Marabou Daim -chocolate with "M"-logo. Chocolate with the old Marabou logo used in 1919-1960s, [1] which is still used in Freia. The brand was founded by the Norwegian chocolatier Johan Throne Holst (1868-1946), who already had launched the same chocolate recipe in Norway under the name Freia with great success — in the beginning of the.

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Frequently bought together. This item: Marabou Milk Chocolate Bars 6-Pack. $3090 ($1.46/Ounce) +. Daim Chocolate Bags - 200g Individual wrapped Daim Chocolates. $898 ($1.27/Ounce) +. 2 Rolls x 74g of Marabou Mjolkchoklad - Original - Swedish - Milk Chocolate - Chocolates - Candies - Sweets. $499 ($0.96/Ounce)

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Marabou Milk Chocolate With Daim Pieces 200g $4.99. Add to cart. Sold out. Marabou Pepparkaka (Gingerbread) Chocolate 185g Bar $1.99 $4.99. Sold out. Sale. Marabou Milk Chocolate Tomte/Santa $2.49 $4.99. Add to cart. Marabou Helnöt 200g Chocolate Bar $4.99.